Spellbook // Coming around early 2016
Welcome to Zyldaria a world ruled by Battlemages called “The Elentals”.
About this project
As a young apprentice of the Golden University you will learn to wield the power of the great arcane stones, allowing you to create many types of magical effects. The Spellsmiths will use magic spheres to cast powerful spells in your spellbook and armies will gather under your banner year by year. With the right price, mercenaries will join you too. Be the Greatest Elental that ever lived by using the power of your Spellbook....
A sample of cards from the demo version!
In this deck building game you start by picking up your apprentice and a custom deck of 10 cards. In the course of the game your apprentice will grow in age and will become stronger. You can enhance his abilities with weapons, magical artifacts, spells and other entities. The goal of the game is to be the first to become an Elental Archon. You can also win by defeating your opponent multiple times and decreasing his reputation to zero.