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A Neo-noir Card Game of Survival and Ιntrigue.
About this project
Welcome to Gomora. As a detective, you will take the path between good and evil in a corrupt city full of eccentric and controversial characters, where nothing can be taken for granted. Attempt to solve a perplexing crime that implicates multiple powerful interests. Find enough clues to solve the mystery before Gomora's criminal underbelly ends your life.
The Gomora: Down Town Board
Box 3d mockup.
How to Play
Components laid out
Sample Gomora Cards!
The turn sequence.
Suspects & Events
Vinny & Bullets Man
Backup & Witnesses
The Gomora cast assembled!
An early demo of the game!
Brainstorming the game box!
The Kamikaze - Be careful!
Second Photoshoot for Gomora: Downtown
Select two detectives. Pick a case and attempt to solve it. Find the necessary clues, while avoiding getting yourself killed. Be the first player to score three victory points by solving cases or betraying other detectives.
Visit the different areas of Gomora to discover new clues that will help you solve your case.
Avoid hitjobs and use your authority to blackmail key suspects so you can gain more power. Interrogate witnesses, gain access to critical information and make your own justice.