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In the Apocalypse Universe, heroes fight for the entertainment of the crowds. Single combat or Team vs Team. Choose your champions, choose their abilities and choose your destiny!
About this project
GALACTIC ARENA is a fast paced tactical battle BOARD GAME. Players choose a Hero or Heroes and take on the role of galactic gladiators. Your Heroes battle in the GALACTIC ARENA: an organized spectacle that is broadcast for the entertainment of the populace all over the galaxy.
As soon as the Kelp Zes became aware that Deimos, the Cyborg general, is still alive and about to fight in the Arena, it was inevitable that he would also participate.
Xelsilur - After defeating sixty out of the sixty four warriors in the tournament of his homeworld, Xelsilur became the Champion of Pillaria.
Goran Strom - He has claimed publicly that he is a master assassin and hacker but it is just perceived to be a tactic to scare his opponents.
Deimos - Having heard about the missing Deimos, The Atomic Brotherhood spent an outrageous sum to locate his metal carcass.
A starship approaching the Terran capital, Necropolis.
Movement on the Board!
Galactic Arena - Essen Special.
Vexation - 1st extra hero unlocked during the Galactic Arena Kickstarter campaign.
Rakhiel - According to her statements she is in the arena with the sole aim to be one of the gladiators that survive to the end.
Erietne is a wildcard. She has rarely made public statements and seems to always be surrounded by a large entourage of bodyguards.
Xzentox Shiin - Her participation is a mystery that has intrigued many. The Zylox are feared for their Mystical powers.
Viewers are glued to the screens Across the Galaxy, watching the Galactic Arena.
Kuz Garat - The first mutant to take part in the Arena. No one knows how he accomplished this. The crowds are excited as the savagery of the mutants is well known.
“In the name of Nekranal we shall prevail” is what Killian said in his declaration to the public. Further information is not known, as Killian never takes interviews.
Pillaria - the homeworld of the Serpente.
The capital city in the Serpente homeworld.
Tulsquasal - The homeworld of the Testacious.
Before the game starts, players secretly customize their Heroes. They choose special abilities and weapons from a large pool. They then enter the arena and duel each other in an exciting battle of wits and weapons. GALACTIC ARENA can be played 1vs1, 2vs2 or 3vs3. Only the best advance.
This game is the first in a series of interconnected board games set in the APOCALYPSE UNIVERSE. The Heroes in the GALACTIC ARENA are a part of a long story-line in a grand space opera with lots of drama, dangers and horrors.