Storyception Games is a loosely knit creative group of about 10 people with different specializations: designers; writers; developers; hobbyists, psychologists and many others.

Storyception Games began when we noticed that we kept creating new games for ourselves to play with our friends.

Over the past 8 years we have spent countless hours preparing fictional worlds and creating table-top games as a hobby.

We want to develop these ideas with the help of the people that still believe in the honesty of the gamer. We are here for the players, and we are here for the thrill of creation.

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Chris // is a software engineer specialized in application development. He is the chief editor and technical officer of Storyception games. Chris is intimately involved with world design, collaboration, business strategy and customer relations. Antonio Zax // has a long-standing experience in business management. Antonio is a co-founder in multiple ventures. He loves board games and has tremendous passion for game design. He handles logistics, operations, sales and business relations at Storyception Games.
Yorgo Manis // is a well known fine artist and the art director of Storyception Games. He works with multiple illustration and graphic design techniques and is responsible for the company's public relations and creative vision. George Chipp // is an accomplished print designer and business owner with a long list of developed games on his portfolio. He is the lead game designer at Storyception Games, responsible for many of the ideas and mechanics behind the company's games.